Praia de Botafogo


1. Requirements:

1.1 Genres such as fiction, documentary and animation, captured in digital format, with a maximum duration of 30 minutes (including credits).

1.2 The short films must have been finalized as of January 1st, 2015.

1.3 Short films with institutional and/or advertising contents will not be accepted. 


1.4 Foreign Short films must have subtitles in Brazilian ortuguese, Spanish or English.

2. Enrollment:

2.1 Enrollment will be done online, through the digital platform FilmFreeway,

2.2 All of the enrolled films, national or foreign, must pay an enrollment FEE trough the FilmFreeway plataform.

3. Selection:

3.1 The judging committee will be aware of the following selection criteria:

a) Technical and artistic quality;

b) contribution to strengthening cultural diversity;

c) relevance of the film to the development of audiovisual language;

d) creativity and eloquent narrative.

3.2 Brazilian and foreign films compete in all categories, separately.

3.3 Each categoty will have between 3 and 5 nominees.

3.4 There will be no means on the decisions of the curatorship committee or from the jury.

4. Awards:

4.1 A winner of each category will be awarded, and there may be a draw or onorable mention, according to the votes of the specialized jurors.

4.2 If any category does not reach a minimum of 3 (three) nominations, there will be no prize for such a category.

4.3 All winners each month will receive online certificates and will
automatically be competing for the BEST OF THE YEAR, in december.

4.4 In all, there will be 22 (twenty two) categories:

- Best Film
- Best Director
- Best Actor
- Best Actress
- Best Supporting Actor
- Best Supporting Actress
- Best Child Actor or Actress
- Best Script
- Best Photography
- Best Costume
- Best Art Direction
- Best Makeup and/or Hairstyling

- Best Soundtrack and/or Song
- Best Film Editing
- Best Sound Design
- Best Visual Effects
- Best Animation
- Best Documentary
- Best University Film
- Best Foreign Film
- Best Poster
- Best Title

5. Image Rights:

5.1 The selected authorize the use of their names, images and texts about the work, for display in print and electronic media, in institutional materials, internet, television and radio, exclusively for dissemination of exhibitions and calls, (non-profit).

6. Copyright:

6.1 The selected assumes full responsibility for all elements or any type of work used in the production of the registered project, ensuring that images, music, tracks and melodies do not infringe any copyright, related or owned by third parties.

7. Final Provisions:

7.1 Questions can be clarified by email at: